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Bahia nightlife: cafe's, bars, pubs, clubs and theatres

Bahia and it's cities have become more and more popular destinations to go to and so does their nightlife. At night, after a day on the beach, people go crazy in the numerous venues in Salvador, Feira de Santana and the Bahia coastline.

There are a lot of venues to go to you will feel like you partied a week on your first night out. And that's every night. Every evening or night visitors and locals enjoy the Brazilian way to party all night long and dance the Forro, one of the most popular Brazilian dances. You'll always have live concerts and night clubs to go to.

Salvador da Bahia nightlife


Sankofa African Bar

Rua Frei Vicente No 7

Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia

Tel.: 0055(0)71 33217236


Bale Folclorico da Bahia

Teatro Miguel Santana

Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia

Tel.: 55(0)71 33221962


Teatro Castro Alves, Concha Acustica

Campo Grande square

Salvador da Bahia

Feira de Santana nightlife


Orient Cineplace

Avenida Gov Joao Durval Carneiro 3665 lj 164

Feira de Santana

Tel.: 0055(0)75 32253056


SDB Cinemas

Avenida Sr Passos 1332 lj 309

Feira de Santana

Tel.: 0055(0)75 36239291

Vitoria da Conquista


Cafe Marata

Avenida Centenįrio 260

Vitoria da Conquista

Tel.: 0055(0)77 21019500


Sorveteria Polo Norte

Avenida frei bejamin

Vitoria da Conquista


Cinemark Brasil

Avenida Americo Buaiz 200 Lj A/15

Enseada Do Sua, Vitoria de Conquista

Tel.: 0055(0)27 33452248


Grava Cinema e Video

Rua Professor Lellis 29

Vitoria da Conquista

Tel.: 0055(0)27 33234123

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